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White Hat and Black Hat SEO :-
SEO techniques can be divided into categories; white hat techniques, those that are acceptable by the search engines and are the recommended ways of improving rankings; the black hat techniques, those which are deceptive and result in penalties or being banned by the search engines.

White Hat Techniques:-
The above-mentioned strategies are considered White Hat and add value to a website’s SEO, provide a great website design experience, and can increase rankings, traffic, and sales from Google and other search engines.

Black Hat Techniques:-
These Black Hat techniques were used in the past to achieve high rankings quickly. However, the search engines have updated their algorithms to detect such techniques and are constantly using machine learning to uncover addition spam technique intended to manipulate the SERPS.

Link farming
Buying links
Selling links
Hidden content and links
Keyword spamming
Keyword Stuffing
Article Spinning
Use of the gateway and the mirror pages
Hiding links on your website

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