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The Role of Backlinks in Search Engine Ranking


Google Search Engines are designed to crawl and index the web pages efficiently for higher search results. There is lots of contribution of link building for website quality. The number of backlinks play an important role in website ranking in Google or any search engines. A backlink is any link received by a website from another domain or website.

This article describes the techniques of making backlinks with its effect in improving search engine ranking.


Websites are growing step by step. The internet utilizes web crawlers which play a basic role. Search engines work in two stages: the initial step is creeping and the second is ordering. Search engines have computerized projects considered robots or spiders that utilize hyperlink structure to crawl through the webpages, and after the crawling procedure, the website page is recorded with the web crawler. All web indexes like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so forth crawl through the pages as indicated by the on-page substance, quality and number of connections from different sites (known as Backlinks). As the backlinks increment in number, the positioning in web search tool likewise increments.


Search Engine: Search Engine is a web device that looks record of archives for a specific keyword. Search Engine index separates the data from the World Wide Web. The outcomes are introduced in the type of SERP (web index results page). Many web crawlers are accessible for the reason, similar to yippee, Google, Bing and so forth, however, the most well-known web index is Google.

Search Engine Working

Crawling the Web

Search engine tools have computerized projects called robots or bugs, that utilization the hyperlink structure to slither the pages and archives that make up the internet. A crawler is a program that visits sites and peruses their pages so as to make sections for a web search tool index. Once the pages have been slithered, its substance can be filed and put away in the huge database of internet searchers.


A Crawler is a program that retrieves web pages, commonly for use by the search engines.

Types of Web Crawlers,

1. Server Side Crawlers:

The server side crawlers are business-oriented, scalable, reliable and resource hungry, e.g. Google, AltaVista, etc.

2. Client-Side Crawlers:

Customer Side Crawlers are more clients arranged, have a lot of littler prerequisites and need direction to continue, for example, Transport Pro, Web Snake, etc. Crawler begins with the URL for beginning point p0. It recovers the substance until the finish of the URL, and a line would be made for this.

The recurrence and consent of web crawlers rely on numerous components of the site like robots.txt, .htaccess document, web servers, firewalls, sitemap and uncommonly the substance of the site. The structuring of the crawler is an extremely troublesome procedure. The crawler utilizes some significant parameters and matrices for creeping the whole web.

  1. Backlink Count: The value of I(p) is the number of links top that appear over the entire web. We use IB(p) to refer to the important metric. Intuitively, a page p that is referred to by many pages is more important than one that is seldom referenced. IB(p) metric treats all links equally.
  2. PageRank: PageRank was created by Google originators Larry Page and Sergey Brin. PageRank is a connection examination calculation, utilized by Google, that doles out a numeric load to each of the hyperlinked set of reports [5]. Page Rank shifts from 0 to 10. PageRank decides the significance of a page. There are some official sites of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Macromedia, NASA and so forth [6], that have PageRank 10. In Backlinks tally, all connections are dealt with similarly, yet on the off chance that one connection is from Google blog and the other is from ordinary site page, at that point the significance of the above connections will shift. Google is a higher priority than the other site URL, so it has a higher IB tally.
  3. Forward Link Count:  It is represented as IF(p) that counts the number of links that are from p. A web page with many numbers of outbound links is really important.
  4. Location Metric: It is basically represented as IL(p). If URL u leads to p, then IL(p) is a function of u. for example, URL ending with .edu is more important than any other domain.

The Crawler Methodology

Any crawler comprises of a lot of pages S that are to be visited, and a lot of connections L recovered from the page being at present parsed. A chart is built as the pages are being parsed, the diagram would demonstrate the connections from one page to the next, and this chart is later utilized for ordering.

For programming of the crawlers, information structures like stacks, lines and so on are utilized for S and L. The procedure of crawler is known as C-proc.


Backlinks are joins from different sites to your site. Backlinks are significant for SEO (site improvement) since internet searcher’s calculation gives credit if any site has an enormous number of backlinks. As the backlinks increment, the site’s ubiquity and internet searcher positioning will increment.

Techniques for Making Backlinks

There are some techniques for the creation of backlinks as shown in image,

1. Article Submission: Submission of articles in Reputed Directories is one of the best techniques for making backlinks.

2.Directory Submission: Submission of website link into reputed web directories and internet directories is termed as Directory Submission. In the process of directory submission, the submission of URL, title, description and other information on the website is submitted.

3.Comment Posting: In this technique, backlinks are created by commenting on different blogs and websites. The blog commenting is really effective in the same niche blog and websites.

4. Forum Posting: Forum Posting is a technique of link building in which website links are associated with good forum posts. In this technique, efforts are made to make backlinks from forum discussion in related niche forum websites.

5.Press Release Submission: In Press Release Submission, the latest news is submitted on related websites.

6. Social Bookmarking: Social Bookmarking is the best method to organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks of online resources. There are several social bookmarking websites available like Digg.com, Stumbleupon.com, etc.

7. Classified Submission: Classified Ads are basically online ads that are placed on classified related websites. This is also the best method for getting backlinks.

8. Videos Submission: Backlinks can also be created by submitting videos in video sharing websites like Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

Importance of PageRank and Anchor Text in Search Engine Ranking

For website web searcher situating, remain substance and page rank are incredibly huge segments. Hook substance is addressed as <a href=”URL of webpage”>keyword</a>. As backlinks on catchphrases increase, the probability of web searcher situating on a particular watchword moreover augments. The association related to higher page rank has progressively vital criticalness when it appeared differently in relation to the lower page rank.

Link Practices that should be avoided:

The backlinks on comparative specialty sites are significant for better web crawler positioning; yet a few website admins center around making numerous checks of backlinks rather than nature of connections, which is certainly not a decent methodology of streamlining. The complementary connection trade ought to likewise be maintained a strategic distance from. In a connection trade, one website admin places a connection on his site that focuses on another website admin’s site, and the other way around. Backlinks on the same IP sites ought to be maintained a strategic distance from, as this can be the most compelling motivation to damage web crawler positioning of a considerable number of websites.


For good search engine ranking of the website, the really important factor is content. Content should be original, not copied. For good search engine ranking other than content, the links associated with other higher Pagerank websites are really important, which is called backlinks. Backlinks should be in relevant niche websites. As well as backlinks on a particular keyword increase, search engine ranking will increase on that keyword.